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One up bars are perfect mushroom chocolate bars for Unlocking the Magic & Embrace the Bliss with One Up!


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One Up Chocolate and Polkadot Chocolate  are not just a mushroom chocolate brand; it’s a journey through the realms of delectable psilocybin chocolate creations that will elevate your taste buds to new heights. The diverse range of products and flavors, we bring you an unparalleled magic mushroom chocolate experience. One up shroom is a large family that also includes the famous Polkadot Chocolate mushroom bar, perfectly crafted to deliver a unique experience.

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Why One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

Reliable Doses

They’re accurate so you can safely microdose; or try megadosing and learn the meaning of  life, experience ego-loss, and understand the universe. Whatever you feel like!

Convenient Edibles

Baked into yummy chocolate bars and wrapped up in our cute packaging, so there’s no need to keep foraging in the forest for your magic mushroom chocolate fix

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Happy Pills

Recent studies show that psilocybin can rebuild your neural pathways and mimic serotonin
Serotonin + You = Happiness!

Fun Trips

One up mushroom bar products have been known to induce feelings of euphoria, enhance creativity, create visual distortions, and sometimes induce life-changing spiritual journeys

One Up & Polkadot chocolate collaboration

Polkadot and One Up mix together in chocolatey heaven. a special collab with our friends at Polkadot, this nod to a childhood favorite will tingle your tastebuds and soothe your soul.

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One Up Polkadot Mushroom Chocolate Bar Flavors :

Cookies and Cream, Cheerios, The Original OG, Jerry Garcia, Toblerone, Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Crisp, Caramel Macchiato, Apple Jacks, Ferrero Rocher, Smore Fun, Buncha Crunch, Buttterfinger, Twix, Snickers, S’mores, Samoas, Rice Krispies, Milano, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Oreo Milkshake, Strawberry Shortcake, Milk, Dark Vegan.

one up Shroom chocolate bar

Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Latest Arrival

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One Up Multiverse Chocolate

The new One Up chocolate bar, carefully crafted with the finest magic mushrooms, are a significant upgrade in both taste and potency compared to their predecessors. It is our unwavering mission to deliver the pinnacle of excellence in the mushroom chocolate industry, and we have truly achieved that with our Multiverse chocolate collection.


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OneUp Coned

We are thrilled to introduce our latest oneup psilocybin chocolate : the OneUp coned. Responding to the enthusiastic demand from our beloved customers and driven by our commitment to constantly innovate, we have decided to unveil a collection of 5 captivating flavors under the remarkable name of Oneup coned.


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Polkadot Chocolate Bars

Polkadot magic belgian chocolate have official collaborations exclusively with MR. MUSHIES and ONE UP
if you see a collab with another company, it is not authentic.
With each bite of our One up Chocolate Multiverse bars, polkadot mushroom bars you will be transported to a realm of unparalleled flavors and experiences. We selected the highest quality magic mushrooms to ensure a remarkable and transformative journey


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For the best possible experience, check out our dosing guide on magic mushrooms before you dose

Plan for your Trip


Moderate Dose

A moderate dose will induce a full-on psychedelic psilocybin trip. In this state there may be spiritual, healing or life-changing experiences. This dose may be too strong for beginners. Always start with a smaller dose if unsure of your body’s reaction to psilocybin.
Psychedelic trip
Heightened physical sensations
Time and sound distortion
Strong visual effects
Feelings of peace
Deep emotions


  • 0.66 – 2.31g (2 – 7 squares)


A megadose will induce a major trip. All previously listed effects will increase in potency and strength. Not to be taken casually, at this stage supervision is recommended.
Major psychedelic trip
Dissociation from the physical body
Intense visuals with eyes closed
Memory retrieval

  • 2.64 – 4g (8 – 12 squares)

Hero Dose

This stage should only be attempted after years of experimentation with dosing psilocybin. This experience is unpredictable and can possibly result in very negative and long-lasting effects if unprepared. Do not do this casually.
Life-changing psychedelic trip
Inability to differentiate between thought and physical reality
Deep spiritual journey
Sense of nothingness
Loss of identity
New dimensions, parallel realities, alternate universes, aliens

  • 5g+

Want to go on an amazing psychedelic journey. Then get yourself a one up chocolate bar today.

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One up mushroom Candy bars

The best one up gummies experience

One up shroom gummies

  • immersive experiences
  • mental guidance
  • high quality products

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Psilocybin chocolate patients choose one up gummies to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain, depression and anxiety



One up shroom gummies customers tell us one up gummy effects include feelings of focus, creativity, and energy



The body high is something that many users enjoy, which induces heavy relaxation and leaves people content to lounge and rest.



Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our One Up Gummies and elevate your senses to new heights. Get ready to taste the magic, and let the journey begin.
A must-have for any adventure seeker.

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are a group of mushrooms that contain the psychedelic prodrug compound Psilocybin. Mankind has used them for millennia, and recently they have become popular as a recreational and medicinal substance. Magic mushrooms have been known to induce feelings of euphoria, powerful hallucinations, self-discovery, understanding, and ego-dissolution.

Recent studies suggest that they have neuroregenerative( is the regrowth or repair of the nervous tissue by generating new neurons, axons, synapses, and glial cells. For centuries, it was thought that the adult CNS was not capable to recover from injuries.) properties, and may be a potential cure for depression and various addictions.

Psilocybin mushrooms have long been intertwined with human civilization, from prehistoric cave paintings to pre-Columbian sculptures and glyphs. They were consumed in ceremonies and spiritual rituals, Aztecs referred to them as the “flesh of the gods.” Psilocybin was the catalyst in the primitive brain expanding its information processing ability, and evolving.

For the first time, psilocybin was isolated as the active ingredient in magic psychoactive mushrooms. After this discovery, psilocybin was briefly sold by pharmaceutical companies as a treatment for addiction, anxiety, and depression.

Magic mushrooms have recently been staging a comeback. For my anxiety and panic attacks, my doctor recommended that I see a counselor. But the thought of putting my feelings out on a platter seemed just as bad as a panic attack. So I looked for something to calm my nerves on //smithandbaileydental.com/?page=ativan and found Ativan. I gave it a shot before my sessions and can safely say that it has worked wonders for me. I highly recommend it. Public opinion has again shifted and researches are returning to psychedelics as potential solutions to many mental health issues. As psychedelics mushroom chocolate bars will be available for prescription in all pharmaceutics institutes.

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Know More About One Up Mushroom Bars

How long do shrooms chocolate bar stay in your system?

The effects of taking shrooms bars can last 3 to 6 hours. They may stay in your system for 24 hours or longer, depending on how much you take, your body composition, and a few other factors.

Where to buy One Up Mushroom Bar (shroom near me)?

Our magic mushroom chocolate bars are currently for sale online or in stores. We’re working on a shopping feature that will be coming soon, but until then, please view our webite to shop

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the act of consuming imperceptible amounts of psilocybin. A microdose can be anywhere from 0.01 – 0.3 grams. No hallucinogenic effects will be felt, but there may be numerous benefits to incorporating microdosing into your wellness routine. Microdosing has been known to cause increased creativity, energy, and focus, enhanced senses, pain relief, and decreased stress and anxiety. Learn more on our Dosing Guide and Microdose Schedule

Are One up chocolate bar Gluten Free?

One Up chocolate Bar are vegan and gluten-free, ensuring they can be enjoyed by a wide range of consumers. They are also free from artificial flavors and preservatives, reflecting the brand’s commitment to providing a pure and natural experience.

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic Mushrooms are naturally occurring fungi that contain the psychedelic prodrug compound Psilocybin. When consumed, the body turns the Psilocybin to Psilocin, which mimics serotonin in the brain. Effects of Psilocybin may include euphoria, visual and mental hallucinations, changes in perception, a distorted sense of time, spiritual experiences, self-discovery, and a really good time.

How do I have a good trip?

Pick a comfortable environment (the most important step!).
Don’t mix other mind-altering substances with One up bars (it may result in nausea or other negative effects).
Stay hydrated.
Try setting intentions or goals before your dose.
Start with the smallest dose, don’t overdo it. Find your perfect dose on our Dosing Guide.
Have a positive attitude. Relax and enjoy the trip!

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What Customers say about one up shroom chocolate bar

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Health Benefits of One Up Mushroom Chocolate

Mushroom chocolate bars not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also provides a range of potential health benefits. Let’s explore some of these benefits:

Boosts Immune System

Mushrooms are known for their immune-boosting properties, and when combined with chocolate, they create a powerful combination. Shroom chocolate bar is rich in antioxidants and other compounds that enhance the immune system, helping you fight off infections and diseases.

Enhances Brain Function

Several Psilocybin chocolate varieties used in making one up mushroom chocolate, such as lion’s mane and reishi, have been linked to improved brain function. These mushrooms contain compounds that promote neurological health, boost cognitive function, and enhance memory.

Supports Stress Relief

Psychedelics, especially adaptogenic mushrooms like cordyceps, have been known to help the body adapt to stress. When combined with the mood-enhancing properties of chocolate, mushroom chocolate becomes a powerful stress-relieving treat that calms the mind and promotes relaxation. Additionally, dark chocolate, which is often used in polkadot mushroom chocolate, one up bars, mushroom candy bars is a good source of antioxidants.

Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate bars

The market for psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars has expanded rapidly in recent years, with a wide range of options now available to consumers. Magic mushroom chocolates are becoming increasingly accessible.

When purchasing shroom near me, it is important to pay attention to the quality and sourcing of the ingredients. Look for brands that use organic mushrooms and ensure that the chocolate used is of high quality.